Monday, July 19, 2010

In Malawi!!

So I am officially in Malawi and super excited to be here! I was greeted by Rutherford Banda, the national we are staying with for the first few months, and the intern team that is here. The first few days were full of fellowship and rest as I adjust to the time difference here. It was great to hear the stories about the interns summer here and how they laid the ground work for Drew and I to continue ministry here. Drew is a great guy and very easy to get along with and also passionate about youth, so we get along great. Yesterday we said good-bye to Sarah and Katherine (the two interns, along with Drew, that were here for the summer) and this week we begin to prepare for the ministry ahead of us. I look forward to what the future holds here in Malawi.

Prayer Requests
  • Drew and I have the opportunity to teach at Rutherford's bible college for one of their six-week terms. We are both excited about this and would ask for prayers in diligence toward our teaching, that we would give the Malawians students the best education we can so they can expand the Gospel. Also for the opportunities to talk with them about youth ministry here in Malawi
  • For the youth conference in September. That we can talk to as many churches as we can and get people at the conference who are excited and passionate about youth.
  • For Foundations for Farming. Rutherford has some land we can farm on and now it is on us to begin the process and get youth excited about this new way of farming and the potential behind it.
  • For my continued enculturation here. That I would trust the Bandas and Drew's advice and not try to do things my way because that's how I always do it.


  • For getting to Malawi safely! I thank God for the safe travel.
  • For the Bandas. They are such hospitable people and very friendly too. It has made my transition here so much easier. I will hopefully have a picture of them up soon for you all.
  • For the intern team. I know I've said it before but it was truly a blessing to have the intern team here before me. They finished well and were a welcome help for the Bandas and Renfros here. Pray that the girls arrive home safely as they are in flight right now.
  • For Drew. He has been so easy to get along with and has also made this transition easier for me. He picked up the language quickly so I have been able to lean on him for how to say certain things.

Thank you all once again for your prayers and support. I could not do this without you. God Bless you.

Josh Kaminsky

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Departing. . .

Hey everybody! I hope this update finds you well. Today is the day that I leave for Malawi to do ministry with YouthHOPE and NMSI for 5 months and I am excited! I feel like it has taken so long for this day to come but I know that God has been molding and preparing me for my time in Malawi. I know I will come back changed and I look forward to seeing how God is going to do that. I thank you all for you prayer and support and I just want you to know how grateful I am to have that as I immerse myself in this new culture for the next 5 months. Here are some prayers and praises for you all.

  • My time here in Ft. Myers preparing for Malawi. It has been a great time of refreshment and learning as I prepare for the months ahead
  • For my nephew Jayden. I was so thankful to have a few weeks in Orlando while my sister had her third son, Jayden. I was able to hold and spend some time with him and my two other nephews before I go
  • For the intern team (pictured above) that is there right now. I am so grateful for the seeds they have planted and how they have prepared the way for me.
Prayer Request
  • For team unity with Drew as I begin my time there. That we would have time to build our relationship in order to do the most effective ministry there. That we would encourage and strengthen one another during our time there.
  • For my safe travel to Malawi. That I would be able to get there as soon as I can to start ministry over there.
  • For my time with our missionary families in Malawi. That there would be unity and grace as we work together serving the people of Malawi
  • For financial support. I am still in need of about 1000 dollars for project money while I am over there, would you all prayerfully consider giving to me. You can go to and click on the Donate to NMSI button.
  • For the intern team to finish well there and for it to be a seamless transition as I enter in.
  • For the people of Malawi to be open to Gospel and to the teachings we have, even if they are different from what they are used to. That Drew and I would also be open to the concerns and questions they have and that God would bring us all to a better understanding of each other and our culture.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support. I look forward to telling you all of the exciting things that are happening and will be happening over in Malawi.

His hands and feet,
Josh Kaminsky