Friday, September 10, 2010

Photo Update!

Hey guys,
Since I am on a faster internet connection today. I am going to try to post some pics of what we are doing here in Malawi and Zambia. Enjoy!

The above pictures are of a demonstration garden that was started by a guy at the orphan center growing mustard leaves. We will be growing Maize (corn) and beans in ours. The other is of Lloyd, who we are partnering with in Zambia, visiting one of the youth projects near Kitwe.

The first picture is of Steven, Drew and Adam in Livingston. Steven was our driver who drove us all around Zambia: From Lusaka in the center to Kitwe in the north to Livingston in the south. It has been great getting to know him as we travel visiting ministries all over Zambia

The second is of the guys we have been teaching at the bible college in Malawi. (Left to Right) Emmanuel, Leman, Drew, Rodrick, Shadrick, and me.

The third is of the soccer post we put up in Nsaru so the kids at the orphan center could have a place to play.

The fourth is of some youth helping us put up the fence for our demonstration garden at the Orphan Center

The fifth picture is of some of the youth playing a game at the orphan center after a teaching on Wednesday afternoon.

Thank you for the prayers and support you all give me! I could not be here without them.

His hands and feet,

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